Saturday, 15 February 2014

First Post Of The Year

How can we be half way through February already?

I've been busy getting ready for doing a talk at a local Rural with my dolls. I did it on Wednesday and I was way more nervious this time than the first time I did it a few years ago. Everyone seemed interested and loved the dolls though. I managed to get a few quick snaps this time.


I made most of the clothes that the big Ball Jointed dolls are wearing and all the ones that are out on the table. ( I didn't make anything the blue haired one is wearing, the leapord coat or t-shirt the wine haired one has on, or any of the jeans, shoes or wigs, but I made the rest)
Now that this is over I should hopefully have a bit more time for sewing again, although having said that, the SECC Creative Stitches show is less than a month away, so we have to prep for that.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

So, this is new

I bought a book on crochet and a hook and started to learn last sunday. A week on and I've done single stitch, double stitch and half treble. I started doing a scarf just with double stitch and I made a skull :)
I found some free patterns but I don't really understand them yet.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

I've not posted in quite some time. I've not really had time for much sewing. I did do a bit of doll sewing a few months ago and made a couple of cardigans and a trial run of a dress. I've been asked to take some of my dolls to a Rural in Feb so I really need to get back to making them clothes. I got my 14th doll in August and he still hasn't been sent to get his face painted.

I did manage to embroider a Zombie Santa onto a tea towel last weekend. It's on the etsy shop now.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I've managed to get a bit of sewing done :)

I made a brain pin cushion to go inside my skull bowl. My sewing room decor is inspired by the name of my lable, Frankenstitchery, which in turn is inspired by Frankenstein, so this fits in nicely.
I spent most of yesterday working on a hoodie for work. One that doesn't have Zombies on it.
The roses on the left are a bit too close to the jaguar's head but other than that I'm really pleased with it. I also put a new sticker on my sewing machine.

A FLUX Capacitor is what make the Delorean travel through time in "Back To The Future". It amused me.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sewing Bee

I've been watching "The Great British Sewing Bee", as most people interested in sewing probably have. It's been really good for us at . The day after the first episode I sold a bias binder maker, cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter all because the woman had seen them on the show. Sold a second bias biner maker the next day too :) Nearly everyone that comes into the shop has been talking about it, though a lot of people are saying that they were disapointed that it is just dressmaking. Here's a link to episode 1 if you missed it

We've just got lots of new fabrics in at the shop which you can see on the shop facebook page We've already sold out of 3 of the tiny polka dots and one of the other prints [gives Ann a wave ;) ]. Some of them are sewing prints so I made a sewing case out of a couple of them. The lining has little pins on it.

I've been using The Sewing Bee as motivation to do some hand sewing while watching tv at night. This is the applique on the project I'm doing just now.
"Can you guess who it is yet?"

I've umm'd and ahh'd about the fabric for him. I started with grey patterned fabric and was going to stitch in black. Then thought, well, he really should be black, so changed it to a black patterned fabric, then a different black patterned fabric, then plain black. Now I'm thinking maybe I should do him in leatherette. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the serise.

I also embroidered this polo shirt recently with a tiny zombie :)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Checking In 3 Months Later

It's been nearly 3 months since my last post. I haven't updated mainly because I haven't really had chance to get any sewing done. I made a pair of spats for a friend, but not much else. I've been distracted with work and family stuff and watching a cartoon about a Metal band on dvd  >.>

I've nearly finished a project I started working on as a sample for a class. After explaining the difference between Machine Embroidery and Free Motion Embroidery the ladies in my class asked if they could try some FME. I searched the internet for ideas for a project and found 'Girl on a tree swing' by Aneela Hoey My ladies have long finished their's but here is mine so far

I want to add some flowers in the grass and the tree. The shop is going to have a stand at the Creative Stitches show at the SECC later this week so it's going to be framed and displayed as an idea for what to do with the scap bags we have for sale.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to go and see more stuff live. So I have tickets for a Romeo and Juliet ballet and T-rextasy (T-rex tribute band. I've seen them twice before and they are really good) at the newly re-opend local theatre and tickes for one of my favourite bands, a Hair Metal band from Sweden, in Newcastle as they are not coming to Scotland.

I am also trying to get back into the doll hobby. I'm going to order a new 1/3 scale Ball Jointed Doll before the company discontinue the sculpt I want, and I want to work on my 1/6th scales (Barbie sized), but I'll try and keep this as a sewing blog and not over do the doll stuff here :)

Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Crafty Weekend

I've not blogged for a while. I've been busy though. I was at the SECC hobby and craft show with work at the end of October. It was really good. Managed not to buy anything too!
I was off work most of last week. I hurt my back and could hardly walk and was sick with the pain. Was back in on Friday and now it's my weekend off. I've been busy. I'm spending the weekend crafting :) I was at the post office before breakfast to send my little zombie bunny plushie off to the US, then I made a coin purse and listed it on etsy, sewed a Christmas tree ready to stuff later while watching tv, did some prep for a hand embroidery project and glued together some Christmas light bunting I had cut out while I was off work and fed up.
I got some awesome fabric....again. More zombies, pin-up girls......the usual XD

Here's the purse I made today.

It's not all zombies :)
I really need to work on the flat some more and get some pictures up on the wall. I have bought a frame for one, so that's something.

Anyway, There will be more crafting tomorrow :)