Saturday, 15 February 2014

First Post Of The Year

How can we be half way through February already?

I've been busy getting ready for doing a talk at a local Rural with my dolls. I did it on Wednesday and I was way more nervious this time than the first time I did it a few years ago. Everyone seemed interested and loved the dolls though. I managed to get a few quick snaps this time.


I made most of the clothes that the big Ball Jointed dolls are wearing and all the ones that are out on the table. ( I didn't make anything the blue haired one is wearing, the leapord coat or t-shirt the wine haired one has on, or any of the jeans, shoes or wigs, but I made the rest)
Now that this is over I should hopefully have a bit more time for sewing again, although having said that, the SECC Creative Stitches show is less than a month away, so we have to prep for that.