Saturday, 31 March 2012

I made a clip purse on Tuseday and another one today. After umming and ahhing about what fabric to use I settled on Zombies  n_n  Always a good choice!

This is the one I made on Tuesday

I'm now plotting what to make tomorrow :D

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Monster Movie Clip Purse

It's been another busy week. Not really had much time for my own sewing, though today I did finally manage to get the purse I had started glued into a frame (had to wait a while for the frames to come from China).

Still not 100% happy with the pattern yet so need to do a bit of tweeking.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The First Block Of The Road

My patchwork book arrived yesterday. I wasn't expecting it for a few days yet. It was surprisingly quick!

It's a lovely book that goes over the basics of patchwork then has 12 project for beginners, confident beginners and intermediate level.

I thought I'd have a play and start with something very basic and it went a bit wonky. Might have helped if I'd have used pins XD

I think I might put some horizontal stripes down one side then frame it with a black binding.

I'm going to have to get a cat next XD

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Chasing Dust Bunnies

After the wind and rain we've had over the last week it is now sunny and looks like a lovely spring day. I noticed that some of the cherry blossom trees I pass on the way into town are starting to bud. That's my favourite time of year. When all the pink blossoms are out and it's a nice sunny, but not too warm day. Shame the blossoms only last a few weeks.

Anyway, The Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show went really well for the shop. Better than we ever thought, especially as it was our first time doing such a big show. I managed to just spend a few pounds but there was so much lovely stuff, I could have spent a fortune.
I've been really busy so I've not had chance to make anything over the last week or so. I have now got 20 draft listings on etsy done. Still need to do more photos. I think it will probably be April before I'm ready, unless I just go "oh sod it!" and hit the publish button.

I spent most of yesterday looking for ideas for new projects for my classes. I found a few good ones so I'll need to get some samples made up. Today I decided I needed somewhere to put my sewing books. My bookshelf is already full so there wasn't much chance of them going in there. Under my printer in my computer desk is a boxy bit that has been piled up with various kinds of printer paper and boxes of floppy disks. Perfect! So I cleared it out and got rid of the dust bunnies and the old magazines from 2006  >.>  So now all my lovely sewing books have a proper home and are waiting for the new arrival.......a patchwork book! Who'd have thought eh! I was never hugely interested in patchwork. I liked the smaller items....wall hangings and the likes, but the thought of sewing lots of little squares together to make a big quilt seemed kinda boring. However, with the classes in the shop, going to the open nights of my workmate, Sheila, (of Bluepatch Quilter,) and seeing all the things her ladies had made, then being at the show last week........I kinda broke and ordered a book. I'd like to make a Wizard of Oz quilt using some of the awesome licensed prints I've seen and there's a few other ideas floating around my head. Ideas that don't in any way involve Zombies. Not at all  >.>    <.<

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Going to a Show

The shop I work at (  is going to be at the Hobbycraft show at the SECC in Glasgow this week. I'll be working on the stand on Sunday. Not going to get another day off till Tuesday, so I have a busy week ahead! Today I finished embroidering a cardigan to wear at it.....and there's not a Zombie in sight!

I was thinking about doing another smaller swallow on the back left shoulder, just on it's own, no swirls. I can add that later though if I decide I do want it.

I've now done 11 draft listing on Etsy and have another 12 things photographed and ready to list. I need to do some more photos of a few other things and once that's all done I should be somewhere near ready for "going live"  :)

Oh and note to self, don't put on the shopping channel because there's nothing else on tv. I don't need a 4 bottle nail varnish set at a cost of £25 just because the colours are inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Coming Soon........Hopefully

I've been really busy since my last post and my Dad is currently in hospital after having a knee replacement on Thursday, but I have managed to do 4 draft listings on Etsy. I'm getting the hang of it. Tomorrow I will be trying to get better photos of stuff and do some more drafts (while the embroidery machine is chugging away of course. Got to stick with the "being more productive" thing). I'm thinking....Do everything as a draft first and when I'm happy do a "launch", rather than adding things in dribs and drabs. I've also connected it to the twitter account. Still not really figured that thing out yet, but I know how to do a tweet, so that's something XD  It's @FrankNstitchery

So, Coming soon......