Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas has come again!.......

Or a Zombie apocalypse. I'm not sure which. I got four packages in the post today, two of which were my last two fabric orders. Odd given that they shipped 10 days appart. It's just the time of year I guess.

There is zombies, body parts, a very big brain print which will be great for the lining on zombie bags, a couple of B-movie prints and a morbidly cute woodland print. Perfect for Frankenstitchery! I also got a pannel to make a doll.

I was playing with the filters on my phone XD She is a beared lady and is very cute. I have all the parts sewn and stuffed. Just got to sew up the openings and sew her together.

I've been on holiday for nearly a week. I've got a few embroidery samples stitched out for work but I still need to come up with more projects for my classes and make up samples. I have a few ideas but I need to think about them a bit more and figure them out. So much for just doing my own thing over the Christmas holiday.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Just what I wanted for Christmas........

......A cold  ¬_¬

I got all my pressies finished and they have all been given out. I'm a little nervous about them to be honest. It's the frist time I've tried to make most of my presents. I'm happy with them so that's a good start.

This is the toiletry bag I made for my boyfriends dad. He goes away on photography trips so I thought this was a good idea.

I also made this Christmas light bunting out of felt for the shop window.

I was really pleased with how it turned out. Think I'll make some for myself next year.

The shop stays shut over Christmas and New Year so I'm off work for nearly two weeks. I have a lot to keep me busy though. I have samples to stitch out for my embroidery classes and I need to come up with projects for my kids and beginners classes.

Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Holiday - Day Eight

It's the last day of my holiday. Back to work tomorrow, then just eight work days left till the Christmas holiday XD

On Saturday and Sunday I did mostly hand sewing, then yesterday I went to Glasgow with my boyfriend and one of his mates. We went to the European Christmas Market. I was good but my feet were sore by the time we got back.

I have one more Christmas pressie to finish. Well, one that's needed before Christmas anyway. Won't see my Nephew till New Year so I have some more time there.

In other news, my second fabric order arrived! Yay! Here's the first and second together.....

What can I say, I like Zombies  ^_^  I was planning a handbag using these two prints, but I think the brains might be a bit too big for it. There is a yard of each, so I guess there is plenty to play with and I can always order more if needed.
 I have two more ordes coming, each containing four different fat quarters.......most of which are Zombie related XD

Friday, 9 December 2011

Holiday - Day Four

Yesterday I started making another Christmas pressie. A toiletry bag for Adam's dad. I now have the outside parts made and embroidered but I need the waterproof fabric I ordered for the lining to come before I can do any more of it. I also stitched out a sample for an embroidered hoodie for Adam to give to one of his friends. I now have the machine chugging away at the real thing as I type.

The postman was good to me today. He brought me my new wellies. I've not had a pair since I was a kid. These ones are way better.

He also brought the sewing book I ordered.

It's a lovely book. A little too pretty pretty for my taste but there is some really nice things in it that can be adapted. I just love the angel dolls. They kind of remind me of the Boudoir Dolls of the 1920's. I want to make a flapper one :) No doubt there will be a zombie or a Frankensteined one too XD

I got the things I ordered for my boss for Christmas a couple of days ago too. I better not post pictures just now in case she should see it, but they are lovely and I think she will love it :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Holiday - Day two

Yesterday I started making a Christmas pressie for my boyfriends sister. She comes to my sewing classes at the shop and instead of carrying a big bag about, she has a little wrist purse in the shape of a handbag, which gave me the idea for this pressie. She also likes purple and dragons, so this was the result.

It looks a bit pink in the photo but it is actually purple. It's also lined in purple and has my black and silver "special edition" Frankenstitchery label in it  :)

I also made this mini purse for a friend of Adams. She likes purple and cats.

I used the same purple fabric to line the dragon purse. It has a swirly dotty print.

I finally got the first of 4 fabric orders I've placed. They are all coming from America so at this time of year it's taking a while. I was going to post a photo of it but I think I'll wait till I have some of the others, or at least the second one cos I bought it specifically to go with the first. I can't wait to make something out of them!

Monday, 5 December 2011


We've had a little bit of snow where I live. Not much, but my boss lives about half an hour away and she's got 5" of snow. I'm on holiday for a week again so it can snow as much as it likes. I don't usually get holidays this often but I never got round to taking them through the summer and I need to take them before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, that's what I will be doing while I'm off. Making Christmas pressies. My list of people to get for has increased somewhat since I met my boyfriend. I know what I'm doing for 3 of his lot and he asked me to do something for one of his friends. Then I have my lot to do. Though I won't be seeing some of them till New Year, so that gives me more time.

I made this kitty purse last week and posted a picture of it on my Deviant Art page yesterday.

This morning I had a message from someone asking to buy it  ^_^