Thursday, 9 June 2016

Been a while

It's been a long time since my last post. My Dad was not well for some time. He went down hill at the start of the year and passed away in Feb. I've not really had much time for posting but hopefully I will be able to start doing it again.

A year past March I adopted a cat. She was 10-12 years old and I called her Mina. I only had her 7 months when we discovered she had two tumors and had to be put down. She was the perfect first cat and I still really miss her.

I now have this little monster.
He's called Lugosi after Bela Lugosi, the actor that played Dracula in the old Universal monster movies. He likes to sit behind my machine when I'm sewing and swipe at my hands.

I just finished making my first quilt. It was a memory quilt for my friends wedding which was last Saturday. Her married name is Ross and they love Star Wars, hence the name of the quilt.

They both loved it! I was so happy!
It was a logo themed wedding and each place setting at the meal had a personalised lego figure of that person. This was mine.
Anyway, I just ordered a Brother Scan n Cut. I'm so excited!