Tuesday, 23 October 2012

All Moved In

I've been in my flat for a month now. It's going well so far. I still have a lot to do. Got to get through some boxes and black bags. Quite a few actually  >.>
I even attempted cooking! I don't cook...well, more don't know how. I made a stir fry, but when I switched to ring on the electricity went off. Once I figured out how to put it back on I went back to the cooker, which was left by the pervious owners, and put the ring back on, the same thing happend. It's just the one ring that does it, so that's not so bad.
I still need to build my TV unit but my last few days off have been spent working on a commission for the shop as I can't get peace to do it there. That and when the guy first came in last month he said he wasn't in a hurry for it and then when he came in last week he said he wanted it for a rally this weekend  ¬_¬ . I also need to finish painting one bit of wall in the sewing room. I have a little bit left but it's not going to be enough for the last coat so I need to get a small tin mixed.
The shop is going to the craft fair at the SECC in Glasgow this week so it's super busy just now, especially with Halloween coming up. Oh, and my boyfriend and I split up about 2 weeks before I moved into the flat but we're still friends.
So, that's where I am just now. I want to start sewing stuff for the flat to make it a bit more homey but I have so much other stuff to do just now. It will be a slow but I'll get there.